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Massages Body And Foot In HCMC

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    60 MINUTES | VND 2,500,000
    90 MINUTES | VND 2,900,000

    This energising and revitalising full body massage helps lower toxins, reduce fatigue and restore strength and harmony using special lymphatic massage techniques together with hot poultices applied on the body’s key marma points.


    Essential energy-enhancing oils help purify the skin while leaving the mind, body and spirit with a deep sensation of well-being.
    foot ritual | vitality massage | hot poultice compression



    This exceptional facial spa treatment begins with an invigorating sea salt exfoliation from the knees to the feet, followed by a massage of the lower legs to stimulate the elimination of toxin build-up and improve lymphatic circulation.
    A double-action seaweed foot mask and fresh seaweed leaf leg wrap considerably reduces swelling and softens tired feet.
    This treatment, which includes a relaxing scalp massage, is especially recommended post-travel and for foot ailments of all kinds.
    foot bath | exfoliation | seaweed mask and wrap | foot massage | scalp massage
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